Defensive Driving – part two

Driving in general and having an attitude of driving defensively can big dividends in the pricing of your commercial insurance policy. One of the major components of pricing your commercial insurance has to do with claims and losses and thus this part two in our series of driving tips addresses this safety goal.

C. Driving tips:

1. Basic control: the driver can control only the vehicle’s speed and direction.

2. Loss of control: results from the following:

A. Driving too fast for weather, road, or tire conditions.
B. Accelerating too hard.
C. Braking inappropriately.
D. Changing direction too abruptly.
E. Tracking a curve at too high a speed.

3. Backing Mishaps: Backing maneuvers account for a large proportion of Accidents. While relatively minor, such incidents can have wide-ranging consequences:

a. Keep the vehicle out of service.
b. Cost money for repairs.
c. Cause paperwork.
d. Create a bad public image.
e. Increase insurance rates.
f. Jeopardize employment.

4. If Vehicle Must Be Backed Up:

a. If possible, station a person outside to the left rear of the vehicle.
b. Check for pedestrians and obstacles.
c. Sound horn before backing.
d. Back slowly.
e. Check mirrors constantly.

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