Cyber Bullying and Commercial Insurance

Companies that become too aggressive in their social media campaigns against your competitors could be deemed guilty of cyber bullying.

Personal Injury coverage is typically the coverage that could possibly respond to this type of injury. Typically, the damages that are claimed come from emotional distress, mental anguish, humiliation, and overall anxiety. While those types of claims can be covered under the personal injury coverage in your commercial insurance policy, the chances are not very likely that they will be covered in today’s modern insurance policies.

Almost all commercial insurance policies have exclusions for cyber related bodily injury, property damage and personal injury claims. Internet related claims of harassment, bullying, intimidation etc., are rarely covered under typical commercial general liability insurance policies. One of the common terms that it is being used in the insurance industry to describe these types of activity’s is “electronic aggression”. Therefore, if your organization has an aggressive social media strategy, it would behoove you to make sure that there is no electronic aggression intent in your marketing online.

Cyber bullying is similar to being the driver who rear ends somebody. You are almost always going to be deemed at fault for rear-ending somebody. If you are the aggressor in any kind of cyber bullying it is considered a dark and dangerous activity that will surely result in damages being awarded against you. If you engage in cyber bullying or cyber stalking you are in essence self-insuring that risk as there is currently is very little if any coverage on the typical commercial insurance contract for cyber claims.

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