Conducting a Sample Task Analysis

Practicing doing a sample task analysis can benefit all managers in being more attentive to potential hazards within the organization.

Marcia Jones is an ambulance operator. Her primary duties involve driving an ambulance and performing other duties as assigned. Today Marcia Jones reported for work and received the following message:

“We’re short-handed today and a new shipment of automotive parts have arrived at our supplier. He can’t make a delivery until tomorrow, and the parts are needed today. Check out the maintenance van and drive over to our supplier (approximately 15 miles distance in city traffic) and pick up the parts. Bring them back to our maintenance facility and assist
maintenance personnel with storage.”

The parts to be picked up are in 10 boxes weighing from 5 pounds to 45 pounds each. Parts will be placed on shelves approximately 6′ from the floor.

Following the instructions in Steps 1 and Step 2, conduct a Job Task Analysis. Use the space on the following page for your answers. Be thorough in your analysis. Your finished product should include:

a. Identification and sequence of basic job steps.

b. Identification of existing and potential hazards.

c. Identification of safety, as well as health, hazards.

1. identification and sequence of basic job steps.
2. identification of existing and potential hazards.

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