Commercial Insurance Accidents due to Task Errors

Commercial insurance accidents that are due from task errors are mistakes that are made by company personnel that caused or contributed to the accident.

1. Inspection/Search: Failure to properly look, listen, or feel in different locations for something, not knowing if, where, or when it may occur. Key Words: locate or read.

2. Improper Attention: Failure to pay attention to one or more activities or operation. Key Words: divide attention, monitor, scan, survey, time share, or watch.

3. Failed to Recognize: Failure to determine what something is and what its characteristics are so it can be distinguished from other things that are similar. Key Words: identify, discriminate or distinguish.

4. Misjudged Clearance/Speed/Weight/Size: Improper evaluation of size, weight, temperature, movement, direction, distance, or sound of things seen, heard, or felt without the use of measurement devices. Key Words: compare, estimate, or evaluate.

5. Misinterpreted: Failure to properly apply logic, rules, or computational steps to information so it can be correctly interpreted and used in performing the task at hand. Key Words: calculate, categorize, code, compute, itemize, process, tabulate or translate.

6. Failed to Anticipate: Failure to expect immediate upcoming events (short-term planning) to be prepared to act or react accordingly. Key Words: expect, foresee, prepare for, anticipate.

7. Inadequate Planning: Failure to properly organize actions and plan for future job needs. Key Words: locate, assign, coordinate, direct, organize or schedule.

8. Improper Decision: Selection of an improper course of action when:

a. The best choice could be made using available information.
b. The best choice could be carried out using available information.
c. One rule, principle, or procedure for deciding the course of action clearly applied. Key Words: choose, determine, analyze, elect, or select.

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