Basic Safety Award Program

In the implementation of any safety campaign, it would be beneficial to integrate a basic safety award program. Obviously, the greater the financial rewards in lowering your insurance costs should incent management to sweeten the “pot” for rewards to its employees.


1. To recognize and reward safe behavior.
2. To motivate others to act in the same manner.


1. Timeliness: The award should follow the act as soon as possible. Over time, the value of the award becomes lost.

2. Recipient: In general, it is more positive to reward individuals rather than parts of the company.

3. Presentation: Public presentation of an award can act as your means of motivating other employees. Use this to your advantage, insist on public recognition.

4. Personalization: Place the individual’s name on the award. Impersonal awards are less meaningful.

5. Possession: Ideally, the award should be something the individual can keep and display.

6. Value: The monetary value of the award is not important. The true value of the award is in the eye of the recipient. What is it worth to him? Some of the best awards are not expensive.

Suggested Awards:

1. Framed congratulatory letter from the Chief Executive Officer. Insert a copy in the individual’s personnel file.

2. Coffee cup with individual’s name and company logo.

3. Savings bond.

4. Picture of recipient and an article published in the company bulletin or newsletter.

5. Dinner for two.

6. A weekend vacation.

7. Tuition paid for continuing education.

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