Backing and Parking Policy

The operator of a company vehicle is responsible for the safe backing and the parking of the unit.

I. The operator shall not place the unit in the reverse gear and start to back the unit until the following procedures have been completed:

A. The unit has come to a complete stop.
B. A spotter is in place eight to ten feet at the left rear of the unit, and eye contact has been made with the spotter through the left hand side rear view mirror and voice and hand communications have been established with the spotter.
C. When a spotter is not available, the operator must park the unit and get out and walk around the unit to survey the backing area, before proceeding to back the unit.

II. Parking the Unit:

A. Always park the unit in a safe area.
B. When parking to the operator’s blind side use a spotter.

III. General Rules for Operators.

A. Never be in a hurry when backing or parking.
B. Do not start to back or park when unsure of the area.
C. Do not put the unit into the reverse gear before coming to a complete stop.

IV. Operators involved in backing accidents will be disciplined under the company “Personnel Disciplinary Policy.”

V. Many companies have the following “policy” in force and have found it to be very helpful in reducing backing accidents.

Before implementing the following “policy”, you should have it approved by your legal counsel or labor relations attorney. If you operate under a union contract, it would have to be added. “It is the policy of this company that any damage to our units caused During the backing or parking procedures is the fault of the operator, and they will be responsible for reimbursement to the company for all repairs to the unit caused during the backing and parking procedures.”

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