Auto Liability Accident Standard Operator Procedure, Continued

Below is a continuation of our discussion of auto liability accident reporting. This section deals with wrapping it up and making sure, you have all the facts stated correctly.

5. Observe and Identify the surroundings. The best time to gather information is at the scene.

a. Complete your insurance company or parent company accident report form on the scene. Fill in all information.

b. Obtain the name, address and phone number of witnesses or anyone present at the scene.

c. Ask witnesses to complete and sign Witness Cards, if provided, or plain-paper wit-ness statements.

d. Note conditions, weather, obstructions, warnings.

e. Write down complaints heard or statements made. Note who made them.

f. Obtain the names and addresses of all persons injured regardless of how minor the injury. Try to learn where the injured will be treated.

g. Finish completing the accident report. At all times, be observant. Listen, don’t talk, be helpful, cooperative, and don’t volunteer information. Show compassion and understanding.

6. Give aid if needed and only if you are qualified to do so.

7. Report as soon as possible to your supervisor. At this time you should be told if a Safety Manager will arrive at the scene to conduct an investigation. If the Safety Manager or a trained company investigator will not visit the scene shortly, you must begin the accident investigation.

8. Before leaving the accident scene, check to see that you have a” the facts.

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