Auto Liability Accident Standard Operator Procedure

In an auto liability claim or accident, it is prudent to have a standard operating procedure for employees to follow.

1. When conditions and/or regulations permit, move on to the shoulder or side of roadway to prevent further damage or hazards. Place warning signs promptly.

2. Ask someone to summon police, and medical assistance if anyone is injured. Repeat after 5 minutes.

3. Notify the company as soon as possible, and inform them of the situation.

4. Keep calm. Be courteous. Be helpful. Be cooperative. Don’t argue. make no statements concerning the accident to anyone except a Police Officer. Get his name and badge number. Make no Settlement. In communicating with the police keep the following points in mind:

a. Address the individual as “Officer, Sir, or Ma’am.”

b. Be direct, positive, confident, and calm.

c. Look at the officer. Maintain eye contact.

d. Be assertive without being aggressive. Speak up with short concise answers (yes, no, etc.).

e. Don’t be a “Wise guy” or “Smart aleck.”

f. Be firm, but don’t argue. Arguments won’t save a ticket, but may get you one. If a ticket is unjustified, the court is the place to argue.

g. State your version correctly, as you see it.

h. Just present the facts: time, distance, speed, location, purpose, etc.

I. Ask the police officer for the names of other parties you don’t have.

j. Ask politely if something is not understood.

k. Don’t volunteer ANY negative information. Volunteer information only if it is advantageous.

I. Get the police report number of the accident report.

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