Actions Associated With the Risk Analysis

A number of actions are appropriate for you to consider in your risk management program and analysis. Actions associated with the risk analysis values range from doing nothing to discontinuing the event. In addition, the following actions will assist in reducing the
risks associated with human factors, or other hazards, for that matter.

Possible Actions:
• Discontinue, Stop
• Immediate Correction Needed
• Correction Required Over Time
• Attention Needed
• Possibly Acceptable As Is
• Do Nothing, Within Acceptable Range

Design for Minimum Hazard
Design to eliminate hazards right from the first. If an identified hazard cannot be eliminated, control hazards through design selection. You should consider these factors in the purchase of

Safety Devices
Address hazards that cannot be eliminated or controlled to an acceptable level through the
use of fixed, automatic or other protective safety design features or devices. Provisions should be made for periodic functional checks of safety devices. Dual battery switches, equipment locking mechanisms, and restraint systems are all safety devices.

Warning Devices

When neither design nor safety devices can effectively eliminate or control an identified
hazard, devices should be used to detect the condition and to generate an adequate warning signal. This alerts the individual and provides for corrective action.

Procedures & Training

When it is impossible to eliminate or adequately control a hazard through design or
use of safety and warning devices, procedures and training should be used to control the hazard.

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