Accident Investigation for General Liability Continued

The conclusions of the safety board must be substantiated by facts, all of which are contained in its report. The factual evidence and conclusions in the accident report must be presented to eliminate other possible conclusions and give a clear picture to reviewing officials. If the cause factors cannot be supported completely by facts, the report must state this positively. It is then permissible to list the most probable causes and the factors which, in the best judgment of the board, contributed to these probable causes.

Significance of the Accident Report:

Hazard identification and accident reporting is the foundation of the company’s safety program. It is the basis for all accident rate statistics, which determine the immediate goals of the safety program. It is also the basis of preventive actions taken to avoid the recurrence of particular types of accidents. The responsibility of the Safety Manager who prepares these reports cannot be over emphasized, and their attitude toward this duty is of extreme importance.

This process is very much like the TV show CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) whereby the facts lead to the causes of loss or death. We would be better served by tagging this risk management approach as LSI (Loss Scene Investigation).

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